GoAir Pune-Kolkata flight takes 14 hrs to reach destination

It took over 14 hours for 162 passengers on a GoAir Pune-Kolkata flight that was scheduled to take off on Sunday night to reach their destination.

Go Air flight G8 394 that become scheduled to take off at 10.25pm on Sunday needed to be diverted to Bhubaneshwar because of terrible visibility in Kolkata. The flight  become  first delayed because of technical issues with the aircraft. An  alternate  flight  become organized  and passengers needed to repeat the boarding formalities.

According to the airline, the crew could not be allowed to fly as they had exceeded flight duty time limitation as mandated by the DGCA

“GoAir flight G8 394 from Pune to Kolkata was diverted to Bhubaneswar due to bad weather in Kolkata… GoAir sincerely regrets any inconvenience caused to its passengers,” said the airline spokesperson.

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