For lack of Boeing 737 MAX, SpiceJet hires Airbus A320

Unable to have its Boeing 737 MAX still grounded, the Indian carrier SpiceJet hired two Airbus A320s from the Bulgarian airline BH Air.

Deprived of the 13 Boeing 737 MAXs the Indian airline took delivery of and that are grounded since March 2019, SpiceJet decided to hire two Airbus A320ceos from the Bulgarian airline BH Air under a wet lease contract with dedicated crews. The leasing period is not specified. Like the other Boeing 737 MAX customers, SpiceJet still has to wait before the aircraft already received can re-enter into service as well as taking delivery of the other units initially planned. SpiceJet ordered 225 Boeing 737 MAXs. The airline also managed to take over a large part of the Boeing 737-800 operated by Jet Airways after the bankruptcy of the latter.

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