Promotion of Safety Management System Training by Aviation Safety India.

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Aviation Safety Management Society of India (ASMSI).
Safety Management System was introduced in the country on 20 Jul 2013 by DGCA and as per the provisions of DGCA CAR,all the operators were required to implement Safety Management System in four phases by 20 Jul 2013.Considering the great importance of SMS,ICAO had issued a dedicated Annex -19 on SMS.

Unfortunately,not many Operators have implemented SMS with the seriousness it deserves. At present,implementation of SMS  is just on paper and no sincere efforts have been made to apply the provisions of SMS system in field conditions. 
Objective of SMS is to sensitise all  the personnel of an Aviation Company so that each one is aware of the importance of Safety.Each individuals role and contribution to safety must be understood by all the personnel. 
The scope of SMS includes all the personnel of a Company right from CEO up to the lowest category of employees. The training and awareness about SMS should be applicable to all the personnel including the Ops, Maintenance,Safety,Finance, HR,Admin departments etc and even the Aircraft/Helicopter Cleaners and sweepers in the Company must be included in the training program.
At Present,most of the Operators get SMS training conducted for Chief of Flight Safety,Pilots and Cabin crew since the training of these personnel is mandatory as per the directions from DGCA. 
Most of the CEO’s and Accountable Executives have not undergone SMS training. Unless the CEO’s and Accountable Executive undergo the necessary training,they will not be able to appreciate the benefits of SMS to promote Safety in their Company. 
It is understood  that most of the Senior Management personnel of the Operator are very busy and may not find time to devote to implementation of SMS and promotion of Safety.Unless the Top Management of the Company is involved,the implementation of SMS and promotion of Safety will remain only a paper exercise.
 It is essential for the Senior Management personnel to  understand the importance of SMS in enhancing safety of their operations and hence they should work towards creating a healthy balance between revenue generation and Safety.
Aviation Safety Management Society of India is working with dedication towards promotion of safety in the country and is quite proactive in sharing knowledge and awareness among the various stakeholders.
Considering the constraints faced by the Operators in terms of time and financial resources in getting their employees trained,Aviation Safety India has decided to conduct SMS training and awareness of all the employees of a Company at their location at a very nominal rate of Rs 500/- per employee. The training of the class 4 employees will be free.
If the Operator needs a certificate for the training than the Fee charged will be Rs 2000/- per person if number of trainees are more than 5 but less than 10 ,Rs 1500 per employee if the number of trainees is  more than 10 but less than 19 and Rs 1000 per trainee if the trainees are more than 20. 
If the Operators wish to get the training done at  their  location,than Air, Taxi  Fare and boarding,lodging for one instructor will have to be provided by the operator  for one instructor. 
If any Company is under financial stress and can not devote funds for SMS Training than ASMSI will conduct the training free of cost.
All the CEO’s and Accountable Executives of the Operators are requested to make use of this opportunity to enhance the knowledge and awareness of their personnel so that there are no Safety compromises in their Company. 
Kindly feel free to clarify if you have any questions.
Wishing you all Many Many Happy Landings and High Standards of Safety in your organisation.

Thanking you
With warm Regards
Air Cmde BS Siwach AVSM YSM VM (Veteran)
Director General (9871251590)
Aviation Safety Management Society of India
New Delhi.
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