Covid 19 : GoAir suspends international operations, sends staff on leave without pay

NEW DELHI : Facing low travel demand due to travel restrictions as a result of outspread of Covid-19, Wadia Group-controlled no-frill carrier GoAir Ltd. has asked a section of its employees to go on short-term leave without pay, a spokesperson of the airline said on Tuesday.

“GoAir has also initiated a short-term and temporary rotational leave without pay program that will not only help the company counter the short-term reduction in capacity, but will also ensure that a cross section of our employees stay away from the workplace to ensure business continuity,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

The Mumbai-headquartered airline has temporarily suspended its international operations till 15 April, as a result of travel restrictions due to the outspread of Covid-19 pandemic.

A source with direct knowledge of the matter told that some staff from every department at the airline have been asked to go for as long a month’s leave.

“From departments which house customer facing staff, to cabin crew, some staff from all departments have been asked to go for leave as the airline has reduced operations due to the outspread of Covid-19,” the person mentioned above said requesting anonymity.

Aviation industry lobby group The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has warned that the Covid-19 outbreak, if not further contained, could cost airlines as much as $113 billion in lost revenue.

“The aviation industry has been one of the most affected (by Covid-19) as governments have issued far reaching travel advisories, special events have been postponed or called off, customers have curtailed their individual travel plans and businesses have restricted the movement of their employees,” the airline spokesperson said in a statement adding that a sharp decline in air travel the airline is currently experiencing is unprecedented.

An industry official said that other Indian airlines, which have suspended capacity, could also follow suit soon and send some of its staff on leave.

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