Golden Rules in Aviation

Golden Rules in Aviation


During an abnormal condition or an emergency condition PF/PM task sharing should be adapted to the situation (in accordance with the aircraft operating manual or quick reference handbook.

Golden Rule 1-Aviate.

The PF must fly the aircraft (pitch attitude, thrust sideslip, heading) to stabilize the aircraft’s pitch attitude, bank angle, vertical flight path and horizontal flight path.

The   PM must back up the PF (by monitoring and making call outs till aircraft stabilised).

Golden Rule 2-Navigate.

Upon the PF’s command, the PM should restore the desired mode for lateral navigation and/or vertical navigation (selected mode or FMS lateral navigation), being aware of terrain and altitude.

Know where you are.

Know where you should be.

Know where the terrain and obstacles are.

Golden Rule 3-Communicate.

After the aircraft is stabilized and the abnormal condition or emergency condition has been identified, the PF should inform air traffic control (ATC) of the situation and of his/her intentions.

Golden Rule 4-Manage.

The next priority is management of the aircraft systems and performance of the applicable abnormal procedures or emergency procedures.

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