Drone and Cyber Attacks at Airports by our Adversaries cannot be ruled out. Concerned Agencies Need to Act and be alert and vigilant.

It is reported that India’s Airport Security is unprepared for dangerous enemies in the sky. In the age when drones across the border can unleash terror, India’s Airport security is not equipped. The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security had issued an order earlier for a time-bound deployment of drone interception technology at all the airports across the country. After nine months, not a single airport in India is equipped with the technology. In the year 2019, an on Annual Anti-Terror Conference of the National Investigation Agency with all the stakeholders including the law enforcement agencies of states, the issue of criminal drones, or the drones that can be deployed for any kind of criminal activity was discussed.

Our Civil Airports are a soft target and attacks using Drones is a serious threat. China is almost a Drone Super Power and can indulge in some kind of Drone attacks or interference through Drones in connivance with Pakistan. Hence, it is essential that immediate steps are taken to neutralise such threats before they reach anywhere close to striking distance.

Another Major threat which is looming large is the Cyber Attack on the communication and Navigation system at the airports by our adversaries or rogue elements. We are hopeful  that this threat has been analysed and appreciated by Cyber Security Agencies of the country  and they must be working overtime to face this challenge.

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