SpiceJet Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Patna Airport due to Engine Fault

SpiceJet flight scheduled to fly from Patna to Amritsar had to make an emergency landing due to a technical error in the plane’s engine. As per a report, the SpiceJet flight SG 3723 had taken off from Patna airport at 11.30 AM on Sunday and had developed the engine issue. The pilot tried to complete the flight and have the plane checked after arriving in Amritsar, but as the plane was unable to achieve the required altitude, the pilot contacted the ATC for an emergency landing back at Patna airport.

Once the plane had landed back in Patna, the 65 passengers that were on board that flight were made to wait at the airport. Meanwhile, SpiceJet called for engineers to get the plane fixed and, as per the report, the engineers reached the spot three hours later and took an additional couple of hours to get the plane fixed once again.

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