Asymptomatic COVID-positive air crew would undergo home isolation for 10 days, DGCA says

Asymptomatic COVID-positive air crew would undergo home isolation for 10 days, DGCA says

Flight crew members who are asymptomatic but test positive for COVID-19 need to undergo home isolation for 10 days and once it is over, they can be declared fit for flying again by their medical supervisor, according to aviation regulator DGCA.

If COVID-positive crew members have ‘mild symptoms’, they will “continue home isolation and will stand discharged after 10 days of symptom onset and no fever for three days”, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said in a circular, adding there is no need for “testing after the home isolation period is over”.

However, if the isolation period for mildly symptomatic crew members is more than 14 days, they have to be examined by DGCA empanelled Class-1 examiner and crew is fit to fly if the examiner declares so, stated the circular that has been accessed by PTI.

The circular dated December 18, 2020, stated that COVID-positive flight crew members who are moderately and severely symptomatic need to undergo special medical examination — after their complete clinical recovery — at one of the Indian Air Force boarding centres to get the “cure certificate”.

“Once declared ‘fit for flying’ at the IAF boarding centre, the air crew can commence flying only after DGCA medical assessment is issued,” the circular added.

The regulator said the December 18 circular supersedes the June 22 circular which mentioned that only those cabin crew members who come in direct contact with a COVID-positive person onboard a flight will be sent for mandatory 14-day home quarantine.

The June 22 circular superseded a March 23 circular of the DGCA that had made it mandatory for the airlines to put the entire crew of a flight under home quarantine for 14 days in case anyone aboard was found to be COVID-positive.

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