Video Presentation on Precautions During Monsoon Operations.

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Greetings from Aviation Safety Management Society of India.
Towards fulfillment of our Objectives,Duties, Responsibilities and our dedicated Commitment to promote Safety of Aviation Operations in a Proactive Manner,Aviation Safety India has prepared a Video Presentation on Precautions to be taken during Monsoon Operations.If you recall,we had shared the Precautions during Monsoon Months in the Text Form during last month.
In the interest of the Operators,Pilots and other Stakeholders in Flying,Aviation Safety India has launched a YouTube Video Channel to make our  Aviation related communication with the Aviation Stakeholders more effective and result orientated.
Since Monsoons have already arrived,we decided to make our First Video Presentation on Precautions to be taken during Monsoon Operations, Monsoon Flying is quite challenging.and poses a number of Hazards to Safety of Aviation Operations. Hence,it is of vital importance that all the Stakeholders in Aviation , particularly the Operators and Pilots, are knowledgeable and aware about the Monsoon related Hazards and take effective steps to enhance safety. We have uploaded this Video Presentation On Precautions During Monsoon Months on Youtube for easy accessibility by the personnel from the Aviation Industry..
This is our first Video to be uploaded on Youtube and we will share many more Aviation Safety related Videos in coming days.
You are requested to kindly watch the Video,share among your colleagues and friends,and if you find it useful then please Like and subscribe. Your encouragement will motivate us to work harder to  produce much more interesting and educational videos on Aviation Safety. 
Your Comments and suggestions on improvements of the contents and standards of the presentation are welcome.
The Link of the Video is as follows:-
Please watch theVideo on full screen of your Mobile for better effects.
Knowledge and Awareness are Key to Safety.

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Aviation Safety Management Society of India
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