Mission 2021-22-Free SMS Training on 04,05 Feb for all Aviation Professionals in India

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Greetings from Aviation Safety India.
Mission 2021-22-Free SMS Training for all the Aviation  Professionals in the country has been launched by Aviation Safety India. The Objective of Mission -2021-22 is to provide Free SMS Training to all Aviation Personnel in India.
Last week, Aviation Safety India provided  Free SMS Training to more than 40 personnel including CEOs, Accountable Managers, Chief of Flight Safety, Pilots, AME’s, Technicians, Dispatchers,SMS Managers and personnel from Finance,HR and Admin Departments.
Aviation Safety India will be conducting Free SMS Training  Online on 04, 05 Feb 22 at 1515 hrs. All the Pilots,AME,s,Technicians,Dispatchers,CEO,Accountable Manager,Chief of Flight Safety,SMS Manager,QM,CAM,Finance,Admin,HR,Marketing,Ops and Maintenance departments are welcome.
Duration- 3 hours.
We conduct free SMS Training Every week on Friday and Saturday and on request,any other day.
After the completion of the Free SMS Training, the Names of the Candidates who have attended SMS Training will be forwarded to DGCA for information and record purpose, with a Copy to the Operator.
ASMSI will also be conducting the following types of Training where the Certificates are required:-
(a) 5 Days SMS Training which includes 2 Days SMS Training,1 Day Accident Prevention Training,1 Day Accident Investigation Training and 1 Day Safety Audit Training.
(b) Lead Auditors /Quality Auditors Training.
(c)  2 Days Initial SMS Training.
(d) 1  Day Refresher SMS Training.
(e) 1 Day Safety Audit Training.
(f)  Human Factors Training.
Unemployed Pilots are welcome to join the Training and will be given a 50 % discount on the above-mentioned Training. Unemployed Pilots with serious financial difficulties will be provided free training.
We are receiving good support and encouragement from DGCA for our efforts to train all the Aviation Personnel on SMS in the country.  
Kindly give your requirement to this WhatsApp number 9871251590  or to aviationsafetyindia1@gmail.com.
Knowledge and Awareness are Key to Safety.
Thanking you.
Happy Landings
Air Commodore BS Siwach AYSM YSM VM (Veteran)
Aviation Safety Management Society of India