Proactive Safety Initiatives for the Prevention of Accidents By Aviation Safety India-Precautions During Monsoon Flying.

Dear Sir,

Greetings from the Aviation Safety Management Society of India (ASMSI).
ASMSI, established in 2015, is an All India  Registered, Not for Profit Society. 
The objective of the Society is to promote the safety of the entire spectrum of Aviation Activities in the country through the spread of knowledge and awareness. Most of the Esteemed Members of the Society are highly accomplished Aviation Professionals of repute from Civil as well as Military Aviation background. We have Members who were Secretary/Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary in Govt of India, President ICAO, DG, Jt DG, DDG from DGCA, Executive Directors from AAI, Air Marshals, Generals, Doctors, Engineers, Industrialists, Pilots, Engineers, CEOs, Accountable Managers and other Stakeholders in Aviation and also a couple of Members of Parliament who are closely associated with ASMSI.
ASMSI has been quite proactive in creating Safety Awareness among Aviation Personnel, particularly Pilots and has uploaded a number of Safety-Related Videos on the Youtube Channel of Aviation Safety India. Aviation Safety India has uploaded Precautions to be taken during Monsoon Flying and Hazards associated with Spatial Disorientation, Controlled Flight into  Terrain, Visual Illusions, and Hydroplaning/Aquaplaning. 
Our Youtube channel has received a good response from the Pilots, Operators, and other personnel. 
Aviation Safety India has conducted more than 2000 Free SMS Training and we are continuing our efforts to reach out to the Operators, Pilots, Engineers and other Aviation Professionals for the development of good Safety Culture. A number of Operators have availed our services to get almost all their personnel trained including the personnel from Finance, HR, Admin Departments, the helpers, and class IV employees etc. Aviation Safety India has also assisted the Operators in conducting Flight Safety Seminars free of cost to enhance their knowledge and Safety Awareness.
Our efforts to conduct free SMS Training and to assist the Operators in conducting Flight Safety Seminars have been instrumental in better Safety Awareness among the Operators and their employees.
DGCA also has appreciated our dedicated efforts and Proactive steps to promote the Safety of Aviation Operations We are grateful to the officials from DGCA for their encouragement and support.
Since the Monsoons have already arrived and heavy rains are forecasted, we wish to share the Video on Precautions During Monsoons Operations and other Videos on Hazards associated with  Monsoon Operations. 
The aim of sharing the Videos is to refresh the memory of the Operators, Pilots, ATC personnel and other supporting staff of the Operators to ensure that they are knowledgeable and aware of the various Hazards during Monsoon Flying and can take timely preventive measures to stay safe. Our efforts may not have the desired effect unless the Operators cooperate and support us in educating their personnel in a sincere manner.
URL of The Videos are:-
(a) Precautions During monsoon Flying-
(e)  Hydroplaning/Aquaplaning-
The URLs for the Videos are being shared with the Operators, Pilots, ATC Personnel and other supporting staff of the Operators for their benefit and necessary steps which need to be taken to prevent any occurrences due to Adverse Monsoon Weather.
We look forward to the continued guidance, support, and cooperation from DGCA  towards our sustained efforts to create safe flying environments in the country.
All the Operators and other Stakeholders are requested to take follow-up action to create awareness among the Pilots, Engineers, Technicians, Ops Staff and Dispatch Staff through these Video Presentations. Please do share so that others also benefit.
The Operators Should Give the Same Amount of Attention to Safety as they Give to the Financial Management.
Wishing all the Stakeholders in Aviation, Safe Flying during the Monsoon months and Many Many Happy Landings.
Thanking you
With warm Regards

Air Commodore BS Siwach, AVSM YSM VM (Veteran)
Aviation Safety Management Society of India
New Delhi