Free SMS Training by Aviation Safety India on 16,17 Sep-22.


Dear sir/Madam,

Greetings from the Aviation Safety Management Society of India.
Free SMS Training by Aviation Safety India will be conducted Online on 16,17 Sep.
In addition, 5 Days of SMS Training, 5 Days of Quality/ Lead Auditors Training, 5 Days of Accident Investigation & Crisis Management Training, and Human Factors Training  will be conducted by Aviation Safety India, on as required basis.
All the Operators are requested to make use of this opportunity to get all their personnel trained on SMS. SMS training of all the personnel of the Operators will help in preventing accidents and promoting safety.
Kindly give your requirement to or whatsapp to 9871251590. by providing your Name,Email ID,Whatsapp Number,License Number if any and Name of the Company.
Thanking you

With Warm Regards and Best Wishes

Air Commodore BS Siwach AVSM YSM VM (Veteran)

Director General

Aviation Safety Mangeemnt Societry of India.

New Delhi-