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               Mission 2021-SMS Training for all Aviation Stakeholders

                  Proactive Safety Initiatives by Aviation Safety India

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from Aviation Safety Management Society of India (ASMSI).

ASMSI is an All India Registered, Not for Profit Society, dedicated for the promotion of Aviation and Aviation Safety in the Country. ASMSI has been making concerted efforts to enhance the aviation related knowledge of Aviation Personnel through conduct of various types of Ground Training with particular emphasis on Safety Management System, Human Factors, Accident Prevention, Accident Investigation and Safety Audit. Our Website is loaded with plenty of material related to Aviation and Aviation Safety related knowledge for the benefit of Aviation Professionals.

Safety Management System is a proven Management System for the promotion of Safety Culture in an organisation and prevention of Accident/Incidents. Unfortunately, the implementation of SMS among various stakeholders has been found wanting thus depriving them of the immense benefits of SMS.

The scope of SMS training includes all the personnel of an Operator right from CEO down to the lowest level of an employee in a Company. Safety concerns everyone and everyone has a role to play in ensuring good safety standards in an organisation. Hence, SMS training for all the personnel of an Operator including from Finance, HR and Admin Departments etc. is of paramount importance.

Most of the Operators get only those personnel trained for SMS who have been mandated by DGCA i.e., Accountable Executive/Manager, Chief of Flight Safety, Deputy Chief of Flight Safety, SMS Manager, Quality Manager in addition to Pilots and Cabin Crew. This leaves a large segment of Operators employees who remain ignorant about the concept and advantages of SMS, which is not conducive for promotion of Safety. In an Aviation Organisation, Safety is everyone’s responsibility and hence everyone should be educated about the various safety related issues to enable them to contribute towards accident/incident free operations.

Most of the Operators have limited financial and human resources and are always hard pressed to spare the manpower and spend money towards the SMS training. This is a genuine problem faced by the Operators which compels them to avoid getting all their personnel trained since it involves expenditure which most of the Operators are unable to incur.

ASMSI has been pondering over the issue of financial constraints faced by the Operators and how to help and encourage the Operators to get their entire employees trained on SMS.

After due deliberations and in furtherance of its objectives, ASMSI has taken a decision to impart SMS training to all the employees of the Operators and other Stakeholders in Aviation, free of cost at their convenience, Online. In fact, ASMSI has made a New Year Resolution “Mission-2021 SMS Training for all”and we are keen to provide free SMS training to all the personnel of the Aviation Industry during 2021.

In the recent past, number of progressive Aviation Organisations have made use of our offer for free SMS  training and ASMSI has trained number of Aviation professionals free of cost from following Organisations:

(a)  Air India Flight Safety Department including Executive Director, Air Safety, Air India.

(b)Airport Authority of India FIU including ED FIU.

©   Tata Steel Aviation Limited.

(d)  Bajaj Auto Aviation.

(e)  Air Taxi.

(f)  Redbird Aviation.

(g)  Thumby Aviation Pvt Limited.

(h)  Australian Aviation Safety Department.

(g) Number of individuals from various Aviation related Departments.

Our “Mission 2021, Free SMS Training for All, is to reach out to maximum number of personnel from Aviation Industry to give the needed impetus towards implementation of SMS in a professional and effective manner to enhance Aviation Safety Standards in the country.

We would request all the Operators and other personnel from the Aviation industry to make use of this opportunity to avail free high standards of SMS training, without any reservation. Training will be conducted based on the convenience of the personnel and will be planned accordingly.

DGCA has been making concerted efforts to achieve high standards of Safety, education and awareness in the country through various Proactive initiatives. ASMSI is keen to complement the sustained efforts of DGCA which is making tremendous efforts to manage such a large Aviation Industry in an effective and professional manner.  We request the guidance, support and cooperation of DGCA to help us in achieving our Mission -2021, Free SMS Training for all.

All the Operators and other Aviation personnel are requested to give their SMS Training requirements to Telephone 9871251590,8178431060.

Happy New Year and Many Many Happy Landings.


Thanking you

With warm Regards

Air Cmde BS Siwach AVSM YSM VM (Veteran)

Director General (9871251590)

Aviation Safety Management Society of India

New Delhi.