Pro Active Safety Initiatives.Mission 2021-Free SMS Trainng for all the Aviation Professionals in the Country

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Greetings from Aviation Safety India.
The Objective of the Mission -2021 is to provide Free SMS Training to all the Aviation Personnel in India by 31 Dec 2021. 
We understand that Most of the Operators are not in a good Financial condition, due to Corona Epidemic, to afford the  training of  all their personnel, although they appreciate the value and benefits of the SMS Training. Hence, Aviation Safety India has taken upon itself to reach out to the Operators to Provide Free SMS Training to all their personnel.
We commenced the Free SMS Training from 01 Jan 21 and till date have trained more than 600 personnel.There is overwhelming response from the Operators for Free SMS Training and the Operators are appreciating the Value of  SMS Training towards enhancing Safety of their Operations.
Aviation Safety India will be conducting Free SMS Training  Online on 06,07 Aug 21 at 1515  hrs. All the Pilots,AME,s,Technicians,Dispatchers,CEO,Accountable Manager,Chief of Flight Safety,SMS Manager,QM,CAM,Finance,Admin,HR,Marketing,Ops and Maintenance departments are welcome.
Duration- 2 hours 30 Mts.
We shall also be Conducting Certificate SMS Course  for 5 Days SMS,Initial SMS Training 2 Days  and 1 Day  SMS Refresher  Training on or starting from the same dates that is 06,07 August.
After the completion of the Training,the Names of the Candidates who have attended SMS Training will be forwarded to DGCA for information and  record purpose, with a Copy to the Operator. We are receiving good support and encouragement from DGCA for our efforts to train all the Aviation Personnel on SMS in the country.
Kindly give your requirement to this whatsapp number 9871251590  or to
Knowledge and Awareness are Key to Safety.
Thanking you.
Happy Landings
Air Commodore BS Siwach AYSM YSM VM Z(Veteran)
Director General
Aviation Safety Management Society of India

Mission 2021-Free Safety Management System Training for all Aviation Stakeholders in the Country by Aviation Safety India.


Mission 2021-Free Safety Management System Training for all Aviation Stakeholders in the Country by Aviation Safety India.
Dear Sir/ Madam,
Aviation Safety Management Society of India with the support and in coordination with DGCA,has resolved to provide free SMS Training to all the Aviation and related professionals in the country by 31 Dec 21.
Towards the fulfillment of our objective,Free SMS Training has been  planned on Friday,  21 May  21 and Saturday 22 May 21 at 1445 hrs by Aviation Safety India.We can also plan training on any other days and timings depending on the convenience of the operators with mutual coordination.
Each operator is welcome to nominate names of the candidates for free SMS Training. After the completion of the training,the names of the candidates who have undergone the training,will be forwarded to DGCA with a copy to the Operator for  information and record purposes.
Every employee who is part of an Aviation Company must be trained on SMS. SMS Training will go a long way in creating safety  awareness and safety culture among the Aviation Professionals and promotion of safety in your company and country.
I am happy to share with you that during last week,we trained more than 30 personnel.
Kindly provide Name, Email ID, Whatsapp number and license number of the trainees on this whatsapp number or through email to
Aviation Safety India promises  to provide high standards of training at no cost to the Operators. Let us all join hands to get all the  personnel trained on  SMS and implement Safety Management System in the entire Aviation Industry in a sincere and serious manner.
Happy Landings.

Aviation is Terribly Unforgiving of Lack of Knowledge,Skill,Carelessness and Neglect.

Thanking You
With warm Regards
Air Commodore BS Siwach , AVSM YSM VM (Veteran)

Director General

Aviation Safety Management Society of India
New Delhi

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