Analysis of Helicopter Accident on 24 Nov 15 – Muleri, Nagaland

On 24 Nov 15, a Helicopter belonging to Pawan Hans, flying for Govt of Nagaland ,met with an accident at Meluri helipad injuring two crew members and four passenger.

The helicopter was on a scheduled task Dimapur-Kohima-Mon-Meluri-Kohima. The flight was uneventful up to Mon. The helicopter took off from Mon to Meluri at 0455 Z. The flight up to Meluri approach was uneventful. On Meluri approach, pilot approached for beginning of the helipad. As he entered area around helipad at about 5-6 feet a huge dust bowl engulfed the helicopter. The visibility of the pilots reduced to zero due to dust bowl, pilots got disoriented and initiated a go around. After about 5 sec of initiating go around first Main rotor and then nose hit the 30 feet hillock, the helicopter toppled to the left. The helicopter caught fire in aft cabin, engine and front tail boom. All six occupants (two pilots and four passenger were rescued by local people and taken to hospital at Kohima. Both pilots sustained serious injuries while all four passengers received minor injuries. Read More

Analysis of Serious Incident B 737-800 at Cochin, Trivandrum on 18 Aug 15

On 17/08/2015, Boeing B737-800 aircraft was scheduled to operate sector Doha-Cochin. Both the operating crew were duly qualified on type B737 aircraft to operate the flight. There were 142 passengers and 08 crew members on board the aircraft. The flight departed Doha at 1940 UTC and was uneventful until top of descent into Cochin. At the time of departure from Doha, weather of Cochin, Bangalore, time 0900 UTC only was available with the crew. Read More


Analysis of Serious Incident- B 737-800 at Cochin on 18/08/2015

This Serious Incident is a classic example of how one gets into a situation from which it is impossible to get out. In our opinion, it was an act of kindness of God and also a miracle of some sort that the Pilot was able to land under such totally unfavourable conditions without siting the runway, almost till the end.

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The helicopter S-76C ++ was involved
in an accident on 25th May 2017 during the flight. It was a VIP Flight from a Helipad at an elevation of 2000 Ft. There were four passengers and two crew
members onboard the helicopter at the time of accident. Both the pilots were well experienced and duly qualified to operate the subject flight.

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Analysis of CFIT Accident at Islamabad on 28 July 2010

Analysis by Aviation Safety India of CFIT Accident at Islamabad on 28 July 2010 and Valuable Lessons that can be Learnt.

 The accident happened at Islamabad Airport in adverse weather conditions killing all its occupant’s way back in Jul 2010. Sequence of events as per the accident Investigation Report are covered in subsequent paragraphs. Read More