Top Airlines on the basis of On Time Performance (OTP) 2018 Category Mega Carriers :OAG Indigo Ranked 6th Worldwide

Indigo is ranked 6th under category Among the world’s largest airlines, the LATAM Airlines Group has achieved the highest OTP with 85.60% of flights reported as on-time. The airline takes first place, up from its ranking of 8th place in the previous Punctuality League. US LCC Southwest has moved ahead of its mainline US rivals United Airlines and American Airlines with OTP of 78.20%. Each of the three major Chinese carriers has seen a positive improvement in OTP after a collective focus by the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC) on improving OTP: China Southern has moved from 64.19% to 71.52%; China Eastern has moved from 61.80% to 70.62%; and, Air China has improved from 60.14% to 68.84%. In contrast, both SAS and Lufthansa have seen a drop in OTP and corresponding falls in their ranking