The Membership of ASMSI entitles you to Suffix your name with MASMSI e.g. Your Designation, Name ………, MASMSI.

All Members will have voting right in elections to Governing Board and can contest elections for the various appointments on Governing Board.

All Members will be invited for all Seminars, Workshops, conferences, Symposiums and meetings in India and abroad.

Members and Corporate Members will have access to Quarterly, Hard copy of the Aviation Safety India Magazine and E-monthly, whereas, all other members will have access to E-monthly, Aviation Safety India.

The members who volunteer to be on the panel of the Professional Team of ASMSI, will be trained to conduct Third Party Safety Audits of the Ops and Maintenance Facilities of the Operators, Airports, Helidecks, Helipads and Heliport etc and will be paid remuneration for conducting audits as part of the ASMSI Audit Team.

In addition members will also be eligible for remuneration for conducting research, writing professional papers, preparation of Safety Manuals, Emergency Response Plans etc for the Operators.

Individuals on the Editorial Board will receive remuneration for their work related to the publishing of the Aviation Safety India periodicals, commensurate to their contribution, to the preparation of the magazine.

Members also will have opportunity to work at various Regional Offices of the ASMSI as Administrators and will be paid Honorarium for their work.

Members of ASMSI will be able to get Loss of License and Personal Accident insurance through ASMSI at highly concessional rates from Insurance Agencies of repute. The insurance charges will be considerably lower than levied by FIP.

Various issues pertaining to Operational, Regulatory and Fiscal bottlenecks being faced by the Members will be taken up by ASMSI with the concerned authorities and pursued till resolution of the same to the satisfaction of the Members.

Members will also be invited to join the ASMSI delegation to MOCA, DGCA, AAI, AERA, BCAS and Foreign countries and will be kept abreast with the various issues related to Aviation Industry.