AVIATION SAFETY INDIA conducts the following types of  training :

  1. Global Reporting Format-Runway Surface Conditions.
  2. Upset Prevention and Recovery Techniques.
  4. RVSM.
  5. TCAS II.
  6. Adverse Weather Monsoon Ops.
  7. Safety Management System.
  8. SEP-Safety and Emergency Procedures Training. ( General and Specific to Aircraft/Helicopter).
  9. Accident Prevention.
  10. Accident Investigation.
  11. Safety Audit.
  12. Human Factors Training.
  13. Mountain Ops Training.

FEE for the Training.

Highly discounted Fee is offered so as not to burden the already financially stressed Operators who are suffering due to CORONA Pendemic.

Rs 4000 per candidate per day per course for serial  number 1 to 6.

Rs 3500  per candidate per day per course for serial  number 7 to 13.

Training is conducted  every day by highly experienced & knowledgeable instructors  and very high standards of the Training are ensured.

Kindly give your training requirement to aviationsafetyindia1@gmail.com,whatsapp/Phone- 9871251590,8178431060.

Thanking you.
Regards and best wishes,
Many Many Happy Landings.

Aviation Safety India